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Even More So words n photos by pd’lyons

even more so

buds before they open

even more so

petals floating to the ground

carried by the wind

even more so

bare trees in winter

blossoms full bloom

even more so

the moon



a shining steady chorus of Ah! by PD Lyons Poetry



i just let the day go 

awareness, not of the passing

but of the being.

not moments, minutes, hours

but seeing, hearing, feeling

tasting, smelling, thinking.

free of linear, lists, concept, naming,

ever thing, any thing.

a true knowing

a shining quiet steady chorus of Ah…

from my badlands / words and photographs by pd lyons

along the north sea port

join a Virgil woman

guiding darker underground

 beneath the cities of men


up for air


ice hung with our breath

long wrapped woollens

nestling steel in our pockets

heated by such as our own mortal blood

behind the drapes

through the doors

 company of sailors whores and other stranded strangers

ritual of smoke

purification of rum

dreams spoke of southerner seas

twined with stories of the ice

phantomed like Frankenstein and Winnetou

every one of us a mythology onto ourselves and each other.

what you we do but cling?

what could we do but put our breathing mouths together?












white onions on black slate photographs





after a day of rain, poem by pd lyons

indian pipe @ sleeping giant

Indian Pipe @ sleeping giant

after a day of rain

white flowers

before a young girl

small songs upon the mist


dear everybody…. Today by pd lyons



this is it.

this is life.

LSD a placebo.

religious ecstasy a placebo.

stop looking be seeing.

stop waiting be experiencing.

stop trying be allowing.

this is it.

this IS life.

This is bliss.

get on with it.

see you later the sun is out all across the most amazing world I have ever known…..



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