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the body has its own karma –


paris by pd lyons

New Hampshire for 1933, by pd lyons

New Hampshire for 1933

Behind the bricks of ‘33
Eating soup most carefully
At 72 and 90 pounds
Cant afford to throw my weight around

I live above the Newford coin shop
They turn any gold or silver you don’t want into cash
As if some alchemic acrobat
Other than that its vacant windows mirror back
Questions, answers, I haven’t got

Used to be the fire station
Used to be a busy place
School kids for the mill town dads
Church fairs ladies auxiliary
Now it seems just me behind the bricks of ‘33

Sip my tea most carefully
Watch the river mists of morning
Rise as if they remember me



She Should Have, by pd lyons


she should have fucked him then.

but now? how fast the years lay on him
puffed sagged tortoised
and where did he get those glasses?

she had just started to learn to ride
the yoga was coming on nice
and her own years?

seemed instead to drift
southerly across a steady Indian summer



1 Aug 14

Days Are Always Going On by pd lyons






Days are always going on

Streams of hours like cars, trucks, motorcycles

Steadily scrambling through

As if on some desperate mission

Important business somewhere else

Not very often quiet

Hardly any attention to my imagined rules of the road

I am not important enough

For a slow down –


Lucky the buggers haven’t come full stop yet I suppose.



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