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The Holidays Have Come and Gone ~

The holidays have come and gone
The new year no longer new
But still the Buddha sits
In each and every heart
The still point
The peace
The home each of us has looked for
In some way or another
So how to find this heart of ours
By giving
Every kindness we give
Allows another to spend a moment
With peace with their still point with their Buddha
Likewise our gift of kindness gives us the same
Moment after moment building a realisation of who we are
320503073_702872497945384_2811455203632763107_nA still point of peace at home. With our Buddha
Thank You

how new angels are received / for Colorado from my heart

pd lyons photography 2022

A fierce and terrifying band of samurai

A fierce and terrifying band of samurai was riding through the countryside, bringing fear and harm wherever they went. As they approached one particular town, all the monks in the town’s monastery fled, except for the abbot. When the band of warriors entered the monastery, they found the abbot sitting at the front of the shrine room in perfect posture. The fierce leader took out his sword and said, “Don’t you know who I am? Don’t you know that I’m the sort of person who could run you through with my sword without batting an eye?” The Zen master responded, “And I, sir, am the sort of man who could be run through by a sword without batting an eye.”

– as told by Sylvia Boorstein in Shambhala Sun, vol16, #3, January 2008

Atlantic Seascape by pd lyons

the overwhelming wave

leaves me like a cork bobbing

on a sunny sea


and so it goes… by pd lyons

 when i was a kid

lots of folks wanted peace & love

there was songs speeches weed & making love

on universities and in the streets

there was protesting war

The national guard was sent in

to shoot some of the kids to death

So much for love & peace.


these days they made it so everyone

not just the national guard

can get military weapons

just in case anybody else wants to start

talking too much about peace & love again.


hey kids

peace & love

are silly things

get yourself one of these instead

free 50 round magazine



The Kent State shootings, also known as the May 4 massacre and the Kent State massacre,[3][4][5] were the killings of four and wounding of nine other unarmed Kent State University students by the Ohio National Guard on May 4, 1970 in Kent, Ohio, 40 mi (64 km) south of Cleveland

To those who think murder is too strong a word, one may recall that even [Vice President Spiro] Agnew three days after the Kent State shootings used the word in an interview on the David Frost show in Los Angeles. Agnew admitted in response to a question that what happened at Kent State was murder, “but not first degree” since there was – as Agnew explained from his own training as a lawyer – “no premeditation but simply an over-response in the heat of anger that results in a killing; it’s a murder. It’s not premeditated and it certainly can’t be condoned.”



Thought for today ~

The Kent Lily c pd lyons photography

Blue jean Jimmy by PD Lyons Poetry re The Wind Cries Mary by #Hendrix











Smoke Sat leaning

Head across

Your Mary knees

Said no one ever played this song for you


This then

was before empty blue tomorrows


This then

was everything possible

No blue but the sky for reaching


This then

was every wide-open 

breath fled after you


All Now ,

is left.

Only ghosts, the past.

Only here, Wishing smoke.

And how can anything be created besides memory?

Ever altering

Ever moving memory

Like love

Like our wide-open kisses

Like our smoky Jimmy

Playing Mary.


conduct yourself


Conduct yourself with this wisdom ~

Eventually it will all disappear.

windows ~ Rome, Italy. photos by pd Lyons

Right Action ~



first look to yourself
identify the habit
make the decision
take the action
enjoy the freedom
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