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from Bella & Shirley a poetical novel by pd lyons


It Was Tilkon And The Others from the Lady Camp

 Still alive.



Around me.

Our women.

Our people.


Our women.

My women.


The ground gives beneath me

Their voices drift.

Their arms support me

My weapons

My gear


And I am carried

To one of their tents.

To one of their beds.

Sheets sun dried stiff sheets.

Sheets so white I must close my eyes

So, clean I must turn my face into their scent and weep no more.

This Is How We Live from Bella & Shirley by PD Lyons

Together we sleep in one another’s arms.

As if that safety protects us from the world.

Between our breathing and our heart beats

all the brutality of the day

each night melts away.

And should the world find us so vulnerable?

Our accord is this;

always our side arm within reach.

Our promise,

to deliver each other into the protection of death

freed forever then from harm.

This is how we live


This is how we love.

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