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Title Piece from newest release


When you worship swans no longer

Will you find your way to me?

Smoke rising in a breathless voice

Winding between shade and sun

 A dream begun on dew drops

  Daring midday like a ghost

Vowing never to fly

From your embrace

Special First Edition Limited to 150: each numbered and signed by the poet.

Price includes worldwide shipping by regular post in padded envelope.

20.00 dollars US /15 euros Ireland /20 euros rest of Europe /15 UK sterling

Items shipped upon receipt of order (purchase through Paypal)

Contact: pdlyonspoet@yahoo.co.uk

With your shipping information and any queries.

Additional inscription on request.

(Numbered books selected randomly)

“PD Lyons work stands at the threshold so loved in Ireland. That almost magical, almost mythical, almost otherworldly parallel that the Irish dip in and out of. Where we chose to believe in luck and superstition and destiny and embrace these as tangible factors in our daily lives. – from the forward by Una O’Neill D’Arcy, Journalist/Freelance Writer

Thank you in advance for supporting this project!

Caribu & Sister Stones by pd lyons published by Lapwing Press




Caribu & Sister Stones







newest book: Title Caribu & Sister Stones: Selected Poems Author P. D. Lyons Publisher Lapwing Belfast.

Cover Photo

write a spell
PD Lyons Poet

or just check out the scenery


stop messing around and get to work

Call For Submissions/ Stoked Journal

Call For Submissions

*We’ve made some changes to our guidelines.

HEY HEY. Stoked Journal wants to see your coolest work for future volumes, now on a rolling basis. Response time with typically be within a month. Query after two months. Please check out the first issue before submitting: here. Volume II, which will be out in September, will be a leap forward from this issue, increasing the amount of content and including reviews, interviews, and possibly other artwork, while maintaining the focus on stoke-worthy writing and crisp design.

To submit poetry, fiction, or nonfiction: send 3-5 poems, one essay, one short story, or 2-3 short shorts or flash fiction/nonfiction pieces to tylerisstoked@gmail.com.

To submit art: send a .JPG of your work to tylerisstoked@gmail.com

To submit an interview or book review: open submission reviews should be of books by past Stoked contributors and open submission interviews should be with former contributors as well. Send an e-mail including either who you want to interview or the book you want to review, along with links to your writing, such as a blog or published pieces/interviews/reviews to tylerisstoked@gmail.com.

Sure you can do that: send submission in body of email or as a single Word Document, include a bio (third person, short, etc.), send us simultaneous submissions, be nice.

We look forward to seeing your work.


Submissions and staff

Dark Chaos accepts submissions at any time, and will consider all genres, styles and virtually any subject matter. However, we will not publish material centered around abuse or hatred of anyone, whether it be marital, sexual, mental, physical or otherwise. We also do not accept slanted political or religious work.

Please send submissions to Jeffrey S. Callico at wiredwriter26@gmail.com.

Our assistant editor is Nicolette Wong. Her email is nicolettew@gmail.com

Nicolette is a fiction writer from Hong Kong. Her scribbling finds its way around the world and she blogs at http://nicolettew.blogspot.com

Oberon’s Law/ Fate Uses Hard Those Whose Stories Must Mean Something

Submission Guidelines

General Guidelines:

Writers in all their flavors are invited to submit 3 of their best works for consideration. What is the best, you ask? We like writing of all flavors that tastes like the Fantastic. We care significantly more about the style of the story than how it can be pigeon holed.  However, there should be elements of Speculative Fiction in each work.

Fiction short, shorter, shortest (5,000 to 50 words generally speaking). Poetry of any length (though Beowulf-long is a little bit much). We will consider also longer works for serial publication (send Kester an e-mail first, though)

When in doubt-send it over!

Send to: Submissions@OberonsLaw.com


  • Oberon’s Law will be published online weekly. Due to the nature of the beast, we cannot currently offer remuneration for the publication of accepted work. Only bragging rights.
  • There is no reading fee or cost attendant to submission. Oberon’s Law is a free online ‘Zine. We’ll certainly take simultaneous submissions, please just let us know if your piece is accepted elsewhere.
  • All accepted works will require one-time North American digital publication rights. Oberon’s Law reserves the right to maintain a digital backlog of all accepted work
  • If you’ve received a response from our editors, please wait thirty days before submitting again.
  • Our current response time is 2 to 4 weeks. Please query us if that time has passed.

two american poems/ pd lyons poetry project

Women Buying Guns In America

Smash the fuckin’ TV walk barefoot in the snow

Pierce ourselves with steel

Chew tequila worms ‘til the hand of god wipes our mouths

Piss wherever, say whatever fuck whoever

Fearless with the night of any street of any place

And no Thelma and Louise

We don’t die

Don’t even get caught

We hide

Disguised as geriatric cunts

Happy enough to sleep now

Two ends of the same rope coiling

Richly deserved pools of never never land

Surrender only to each other

 Our Peter Pan tongues.






American Outlaw

Always somebody just like you

Somewhere else

In photos

They even look the same

In their past your lovers

Have met and fucked them

In the dark they dreamt

Of things you used to pray for

after a day of rain

after a day of rain

white flowers

before a young girl

small songs upon the mist

Should The Question Beg For Answer

Should The Question Beg For Answer

will the water be beautiful?

will I thank every drop of the sea?

the sky, will  it  be so blue,

I’ll find ships sailing in the clouds?

and emearald and hawthorn

would i lay down there again?

rise to wander mists by fairy lakes

secret women drift in sleek wolfhound shapes

lead by old and limping men

between hedgerow  and dirt lanes?

speak with mallard fox and silent swan?

their stories told of long ago

when black cats and tabby cats,

small black terriers through stone walls and brier

sure and steady tacked

all possibility of horses

                                                                                                                                   (for Lilly n the gang)

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