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railroad poetry project/ why we like them –



Dear P D Lyons,

Many thanks for reaching out. As you know I am a big fan of your poetry.

We would be happy to include ‘Box Set’ ‘The Factories Of Men And Beer’ and ‘Grandview Avenue’ in issue 2.

Please could you let me know which links you would like us to plug and also send over a short bio. We are all about helping poets get the recognition they deserve.

One more thing, could you just verify something for me. In ‘Box Set’ a line reads ‘Inter racional national vagrant’ could you just confirm that this is exactly how you intend it to read.

Once again, many thanks for getting involved.

J.L Willetts – editor



Submissions and staff

Dark Chaos accepts submissions at any time, and will consider all genres, styles and virtually any subject matter. However, we will not publish material centered around abuse or hatred of anyone, whether it be marital, sexual, mental, physical or otherwise. We also do not accept slanted political or religious work.

Please send submissions to Jeffrey S. Callico at wiredwriter26@gmail.com.

Our assistant editor is Nicolette Wong. Her email is nicolettew@gmail.com

Nicolette is a fiction writer from Hong Kong. Her scribbling finds its way around the world and she blogs at http://nicolettew.blogspot.com

Poetry project / 2 more poems

these two from” Still Wishing To Be Ravens 2009

I know forever is the memory of your touch

Angels with broken wings

I taste the sin they bring

I want to cling to them

But something always haunts me


Lust that is true,

Dreams that have gone astray

Down every road you know there’s really nothing much to choose

The siren’s sweet lament

Their spell is my intent

But there’s something in my head denying my attempt

A kind of howling sound says I am pledged to you


I cross the thousand years

Part the veil of tears

Despite the demon fears

I’m reaching out for you

And breaking through at last

The circle finally cast

Kneeling down I bow my head to you

My sword at your feet

My crown on your lap

My heart into you hands

I am the Lady’s man


Earliest morning I been up

Since we got here

Out in the garden Qi gong cup of tea

One crow on the aerial above the chimney

Is that you ?

Is that really you Maeve?

Yes you are sleek and shiny really beautiful today.

Tilts her head towards me

As if surprised

Then clucks a few syllables in return.

Can we stay Maeve? Can we make our home here

Well not exactly here but in this country. Are we really coming home?

She leans further towards me, opens and closes her beak, leans closer

then whistles three gutsy in her throat whistles & flies.

The grass needs tending

It just might rain

Beginning is the least I can do.

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