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pumpkin ravioli can be fun

pumpkin ravioli

can be fun

26nov 0z9


ready steady -

with a little help

pumpkin ravioli




ready steady - pie!

Lucinda Williams latest on the player. smell of steaming pumpkin gonna make a pie. tomorrow gonna do pumpkin ravioli. shellys out to pick up Morgan from school. cooking fresh beets to go with diner, will do a rosemary oven- roast potatoes – morgan love s the rosemary ( par boil or steam chunked potatoes with skins on if you like, cool n dry, drizzle in olive oil, go on get your hands wet mix em til they are coated, salt and sweet  paprika go well, lay into a hot oven dish oven at 230c, sprinkle with handful of rosemary leaves, roast for about an hour.) also make some organic beef burgers to go with.

but right now the aroma of pumpkin is so lovely and i havent even made it into filling yet and the sun has been out all day and is slow and gentle in the setting and all ove the world people are dying killed in wars and retributions of biblical proportions, I cannot ignore them, i will not look away, I will make pumpkin pie for them and for my family and hope somehow the peace i live with will make it to the deaths they are dying and comfort their fears of what lies ahead. and maybe i’m fuckin crazy but it feels like this is what i have to do to not go crazy. I have to look at what is in this life, i have to see the suffering and then have the courage to think of this while making pumpkin pie with love and with soft heart and maybe even cry. but i never never dishonour anyone by pretending they dont exist.

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