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New Hampshire for 1933, by pd lyons

New Hampshire for 1933

Behind the bricks of ‘33
Eating soup most carefully
At 72 and 90 pounds
Cant afford to throw my weight around

I live above the Newford coin shop
They turn any gold or silver you don’t want into cash
As if some alchemic acrobat
Other than that its vacant windows mirror back
Questions, answers, I haven’t got

Used to be the fire station
Used to be a busy place
School kids for the mill town dads
Church fairs ladies auxiliary
Now it seems just me behind the bricks of ‘33

Sip my tea most carefully
Watch the river mists of morning
Rise as if they remember me



Country Time, pd lyons



Country Time

wooden bridge across the river

pile of horse shit in the middle,

smaller today

grass is always greener - even if its a driveway

grass is always greener – even if its a driveway

what is the ordinary? by pd lyons


a leaf

a blade of grass

the ground we walk on

the air we breathe?


the sky blue

the sky black

stars slowly shifting

phases of the moon

the sun setting

the sun rising?


what is the ordinary?

clear water

salt water

tides changing

river motion


the scent of roses

buzz of insects

birds singing

birds upon the wing

shapes of shifting clouds

the sound of rain upon  warm pavement


what is the ordinary?

your birth

your self

your child

your lover

your life

your death


what is the ordinary?

explain it to  me please



Rumours of King Fishers, by pd lyons



Rumours of King Fishers

can you ever begin anything at all?
never mind again

white walls
white linen
duvet pillows sheets
white lamp
white floor boards
radiator door
pale as milk
black as Japan lacquer
all night eyes
smooth long
curve of ahh’s

to not call it ocean
that which we call ocean would be?
to not call it mind
that which we call mind would be?
to not call it I
that which we call I would be?

sometime ago angels
leapt up in summer time
yellow gold
all one
w/ human kind

of course looked like love at first
then became lust
by try as they must could never get off
though happily multiple
the women went nuts




Before The Growing Season Of Grass by pd lyons


Kent Leopard , Kent Ct.Lilly

Kent Leopard , Kent Ct.Lilly

Dreams Before The Growing Season Of Grass

by pd Lyons

Not early enough
The day already begun
Anyone with any place to be
Already there or else so late not worth fretting about.
Brand new bus half empty
At least two hours to go.

No ghosts dance over the river.
No diamonds tip the foliage.
From  dark shapes emerge;
A girl you used to know
Leads a horse you used to own
Liver chestnut
White star snip
Bucks rears dares

Once your brown hands could do anything:
   Melt the mouths of untried horses,
   Finalize another divorce,
   Set fence posts well bellow the frost line.
   Pull sunglasses from a girl,
   Hold her slight surprise,
  To kiss and kiss and kiss
  As if  there would never ever be anything else to ever do again.

with alessandra by pd lyons


With Alessandra



time travels softly


across the river


sun pours


volcanoes of night reverse


suck away the day


along this land of green dreams


hungry for another sleepless night


with Alessandra

the Nile whispers Aswan




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