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Saturday, February 25, 2012

I’m sure

I’m sure not the last morning wishing to stay in bed til noon. Sometimes Feng Shui works against you – this room too harmonic too winter warm windows tall semi-circle sunrising through half pulled shades and Irish lace even the traffic sounds reminding me to five years old sleep overs at my grandmother’s she had a red dog named Tuffy and a tabby cat called Mama Kitty. Knowing the sinks full and the counter’s full of last nights dinner dishes pot n pans debris, knowing the drive through shark trooper infested school bus dunkin donut dope fiend mania awaits a further inspiration. But better coffee waits for us and there’s no snow or frozen thing this February yet. So once more into the extra-ordinary dear friend we shall encounter not mundane but wisdom, the Buddha is offered to the world through your action, so too the Jesus, the Allah, the Goddess, the Yahweh,the Krsna, the Quantum… The sacred is met through offering, the offering is made through action. Even sitting still and action. Today teachers of the road await and I once more seek mindfulness of compassion. Anyway the crows complain for scraps, the child whines, the better coffee waits but will not make itself.

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