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razor black mirror porcelain by pd lyons


razor black

mirror porcelain


for your

rose bud

bird song mouth

I have made bouquets



shadow light

creatures wonderful

grotesques fortuitous

clear potable water

dark caves beneath a sunless world

secret hand fulls

tremors lolled by after glows


alone like ivory your room in blosom

rich solitudes of orchid

perfumed isolations






i only make for you




working on shadows stuff – ruff

mix media by morgan lyons

mix media by morgan lyons

shadow of crows
flying from the tree
disappearing behind me to the sky

she had crystals hanging in nearly every window of the house
purified energy – coming in, going out

Mystic Connecticut, the town not the sea port
she bought me one for my car
that little shop just by the draw bridge

had it for years, hung from the rear view mirror one car to another to another

I’ve no idea where it is now though
or how I came to part with it
disappeared maybe it’s with that lock of her hair she gave me?
actually a braid cut from her first hair cut
when she was… maybe late twenty’s
Called me a stupid jerk when she found out I’d lost it

Another shadow; like crows, like Connecticut, like herself
disappearing behind me to the sky

mix media by morgan lyons




Liberation Upon Seeing, still life photographs by pd lyons






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