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My Thoughts on Silence in the Age of Noise br Erling Kagge

Silence in the Age of Noise by Erling Kagge.

I bought this book a few years back and hadn’t read it. Until rediscovered while packing ( endless fucking packing). What a wonderful read. A book of unpretentious elegance, intelligence perfectly measured medicinal.

Cesur – pauses between the notes. Oh my Beethoven! I never knew there was a word for it! And like Kagge it is one of my favorite places. The space between the notes ah cesur.

There is a love no one remembers – Jon Fosse

For me as a poet it is my “job” to bring things back from the quiet. And then the paradox of it is to try and use the clumsy allusion of words to entice others to explore their own quiet of their human nature.

Do yourself a favor and let Erling’s silence sooth inspire and find you.

A joyful celebration (NPR) that shows us why silence is essential to our sanity and happiness–and how it can open doors to wonder and gratitude–from a renowned explorer and acclaimed author. … Google Books

Originally published: 2016

or forever hold your peace. a photo essay by Morgan Lyons 2016

c Mogan Lyons 2016

c Mogan Lyons 2016


the golden age of silence

c morgan lyons 2016

c morgan lyons 2016

c morgan lyons 2016

c morgan lyons 2016


c morgan lyons 2016

c morgan lyons 2016

About Birth, by pd lyons


the first meeting

sky and earth

begot ice


the first meeting

sun and ice

begot the wordless woman


she alone with open mouth

barefoot of silence

taught the earth

all there ever was to know


Picture 146

as long as there is silence by pd lyons




what could I give you

for your own


but that is something no one else can know

or give another

I can make you hunger

but only you can

give it

only you could know it

nothing really to do with me


that is something I could look you in the eye with

I could make you cringe

but that is something you would

never do

hit back

yell back run away

a thing only for everyone

else to share

maybe something with ink

a series of needles piercing colours

well chose by yourself

images of meaning

secretly placed in hard to reach with my tongue places

accompanied by steel?

pure stainless holding other holes

open for future explorations

how busy will my tongue become?

new places and the usual spaces

and what ever else could I get lost with in you?

what could I give you for your own?

what ever I have always done

your own cum

my own tongue

whatever else you love

as long as there is silence






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