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The Yearning / El Anhelo , a snippet by pd lyons

pd lyons photography

so back in bed with the morning coffee. needed to make some poetical notes, rummage for a piece of paper . found a hardly used note book from 2012 in the dresser drawer as one does. anyway scribbled what i needed to and then found this little bit of a poem. thought; should blog it. later in the kitchen doing some clean up popped on a CD hadn’t played in years Carrie Rodriguez, the last song on the cd done in Spanish. “La Punalada Trapere”. Had no idea what it meant but thought it might be cool with the poem. in looking for a you tube to post here, found one with her doing the song live on a radio show, she tells the interview where it comes from, her great aunt Eva Graza.

so here is the poem, which i would title “The Yearning / El Anhelo “, which is not about the song and the two versions of the song which is not about the poem but somehow of course they go together with my morning coffee, my kitchen chores and my long illustrious life. from here in Ireland. adiosa. mind how you go & watch your back.


all night


nothing but moon light and stars

where is the one who loves me

where is the the one I love



all night


nothing but moonlight and stars

only the night

only the night

only the night

hears me whisper

over and over

his name





Thank You, by PD Lyons, as published by A New Ulster #29



I was very happy that Amos Greig chose this a one of my pieces appearing in the #29 issue of A New Ulster!

Not sure when I first discovered Gabriel. I had known of his existence superficially. I was lent copies  by English majors back in the 80’s I think. Sat on my self til i gave them way. Any way years later – not quite a 100, I discovered/experienced one of the most wonderful artists I would ever know. The lush mystical worlds – the most wonderful novels I have ever read. And I would say that,  English literature was being saved by a man who wrote in Spanish. This is a poem I wrote on occasion of his death and my sitting out the back at my home in rural Ireland in the company of a fine Cuban and an exquisite bourbon…



Thank You

My first cigar of the season
and I think of you Gabriel

I too have my river
like yours but different
although how different can rivers of men really be?

each travels the same
easiest option
easily taken
to the same sea
never stopping

each deals with whatever
is thrown into it
no matter what
only disappearing into the same saline never ending sea

does that sea greet you now
women you have loved and been loved by
comrades of good and not so good words food drink
fine smoke from properly rolled cigars
angels through an unlimited jungle of stainless sky

18 April 2014

for Gabriel García Márquez




Marsha Mehran – RIP

“When people ask me where I come from, I say I am Persian, born in Iran. I write and dream in English, I curse in Spanish and, after a few pints of Guinness, I dance a mighty Irish jig” – Marsha Mehran

born November 11, 1977

died April 30,2014



florida by pd lyons




the wife is planning to go to Florida

six days paid for by the company
never been myself
hear the bugs are as big as a man’s fist
land is flat colour primarily brown
the water tastes and stinks like rotten eggs.

its a place where people who couldn’t make it here, go
to live, to retire, to skip out on court cases

and those few who came back? only seem to
drink more, die slower, than if they hadn’t.

 a place of no return.
the broken, the old,
the TV show violence.

but maybe the kid would like it?
maybe we’d be near a quiet beach,
manatees and gators ?
Spanish? No. Aztec, gold
washed up by some last weeks storm.
and what would we do with that blood money?
unable to throw it back
splash dance sing
all Jackie sparrow pirate.

ties that bind 3

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