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this spring ( for mara) by pd lyons


always willing to go

always yes, never no

protector of my daughter

her first time home alone


days so grey I couldn’t imagine telling any one else about –

you were my only confidante


where you are now

i don’t know

but there’ s this place in my heart

where, whenever i call,

i know you’ll come


do dogwoods grow in this country?

if so  this spring i’ll plant one where you lie


Spring Rises, poem & photographs

photographer unknown

(photographer unknown)

spring rises

a girl from the sea

silk through  barely open windows




eggs on a red & white cloth













And Unknown – poem by pd lyons

And Unknown


And Unknown

days grey through bare knuckled trees

sounds like snow slowing



small birds somehow silvering


as if they knew spring always returns for them



there are things I have no doubt of


there are things I know I know



window reflected my face


 the whole world behind me




yellow x 2


Monday, February 18, 2013

yellow x 2


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