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today, ruff by pd lyons

not deaf

but rather

does not listen.

not choice

but rather


not ignorance

but rather grateful

for distraction.

freed from the sound then

everything crying.


bowl of fruit, words & photos by pd lyons

cheese sandwich & white wine breakfast

try to keep these pages from the mayonnaise

I am not really a poet,

I just can’t write long stories


How plain

this poem

about breakfast



like a painting of a bowl of fruit

or something.

April 27, 1978

No Matter What, If I Sit Still, There is Peace



No matter what,

If I sit still, there is peace.

Today’s offerings:

The sun brought warm gold

The sky unlimited sapphire

Cloud white pearls

The birds rainbow song

The water in my glass pure crystal

A breeze soft cool silk

My eyes brought seeing

Ears – hearing

Nose – scents

Mouth – tasting

Body – feeling

Mind – thinking

Breath – breathing.

Awareness – Ah

My heart – practice


wordless Wednesday photography by Pd Lyons

Bluez from Hooksongs , words and photograph by pd lyons



dream away about you

when i wake up in the morning

know my dreams not true

cause when i wake up in the morning

I’m still without you


been all around this world

learned a thing or two

but i never learned nothing

help me get over you


now sunlight is coming

sit alone in my room

light another cigarette

watch the spirals clear


might go to the kitchen

might go out to the street

don’t really make no difference

ain’t no getting away from this


poetry & photography by pd lyons


In the Language of Flowers, It Meant We are Already Dead



Beside whatever water there was there

Over flowing bowl an undulate of green tendrils

Draped swan songs

Left morning a capture of sorrow

She reached out to nothing there

She reached out to something ridged

Pulling itself from her heart

In and out

A pornograph of pain

The table set with only bones

Memories picked clean

A criticism of cutlery

Every single question ever asked –

A useless pointlessness recycling

from the Magician’s Hat by pd lyons



the girl in the high heel boots

wishes she could pull something out of me

that would make her feel better


something with a life of its own

something magical

something that might even bite her

before disappearing into her audience


but this hat drooled by any rain

hemmed by cough and smoke

hods only the emptiness of my life


realizing my face , no slight of hand

she reaches from her pocket

drops something useful so that i can pretend i found it.




c Mogan Lyons 2016


peace, ruff notes from the other morning


DSC_2751there is no






of peace

be one


there is no need




to any god


whatever god

there is

already knows


it takes no


to prove

yourself to god


only peace

requires courage,

great courage


be couragous


what is peace?

it is nothing passive,

it is the





of a

courageous person

be one


ruff notes on a blue paper with photographs by pd Lyons



just another piece of my heart

 my little blue wolves

someday soon

the hunter




will come

don’t worry



She on many occasions

felt an entanglement

of her own physicality

No matter how much

knowledge acquired,

philosophy believed in,

a mans world stuck in her head

and not the James Browns version.



our young pale fish bodies

enter paler our silver blood

occult our hearts still

 beat  mono chromatic 

          mono chromatic

          mono chromatic

porcelain knows nothing

of our muted skin




ruff off the cuff, a love poem with photos by pd lyons


lemons with stainless steel by pdlyons


the old religion of your eyes

an accent of long strings made from the heart of my wild days

contrary backwards ridden horses

painted  nights of our own solitude

mystical marvelous

fingerprints phosphorescent


our mouths still meet like that

all blue tattoo

all willingly open  offerings of  sky


 cities of our violence ebbing rhythmically

 a shore line languid with our peace



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