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the cause & continuation of suffering

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today’s walk or how to deal with meme-isms while on the path



Only through awareness



We are all on a spiritual path – know it or not.

every thing is working through karma


Opening up to the unlimited = relaxation

Relaxation = benefit for others = purification for our self


Each expression of ignorance is a cry of suffering

a lack of awareness

each ignorant individual lives in a personal suffering of their own design

Ignoring this, where else but with the Bodhisattva will they have a chance for liberation.


This is the work of the Bodhisattva   ~ through the Bodhi awareness relaxed = all who suffer benefit.

Every moment of staying true is a Bodhisattva act

A Bodhisattva act is beneficial to us all.  


dublin street artist unknown

Today – a walk poem by pd lyons


down the road

pigs were screaming

from whatever cruelties  men

who could not figure out  other ways to maintain a lifestyle


survival tips for this modern age or true no worries #3 by pd Lyons

tips for today

We do not need war to stave off our boredom or give us meaning and definition as a people. It is not our human nature but rather our unhealed, unaddressed suffering that propels us to industrialized killing. Killing at this level is quite simply the consequence of a fear based philosophy that drives us to seek safety by attempting the impossible : to control everything and every one around us.

                              – Claude Anshin Thomas from his book, At Hell’s Gate A Soldier’s Journey from War to Peace





liberation from suffering is a DIY situation

suffering comes from the erroneous belief in what is not true and striving to maintain that as truth. suffering is a delusion but like a dream it can still cause fear which in turn causes more delusion more suffering. dealing with fear the antidote of which is awareness of the truth, that’s the process of becoming free from suffering. what is true?

for starters how about this – everyone who has ever lived has or will die. this includes everyone you  know including yourself. that is truth. that’s the beginning of liberation – sitting with that for a while. seeing if that causes you more or less suffering than not contemplating it. See if there is a way to sit with that truth without it being a cause of suffering? can you? does it?

give yourself no preconceived notion. give yourself the space and time to sit with the truth, your truth and see what its like for you.

as the saying goes – Food off another’s  spoon will not nourish your wisdom.

In other-words accept no spoon fed answers. challenge all belief assessing their truth through your own self. liberation from suffering is a DIY situation.



thanks for the inspiration sorry about the preach. cheers.


survival tips for this modern age or true no worries by pd Lyons #2

true. the road to hell.




The road to hell ?

paved with uncounted blessings.


when we are aware

of things

we realize


we and everyone else does

is done

with great loneliness



to be conscious of this = compassion

to be in denial of this = suffering





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