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Ah fish gold fish swimming not

the time light travels

the time sight registers

the time thought conceptualizes  ~

that which we call fish

already moved on

the truth of it unperceived.



Ah fish gold fish swimming not

watercolor collage paper

this now that you talk to me about

so the past is gone

the future does not exist

and this now that you talk to me about,

where is that?


thinking ain't doin me no good

There is not enough time to hurry


There is not enough time to hurry

She Should Have, by pd lyons


she should have fucked him then.

but now? how fast the years lay on him
puffed sagged tortoised
and where did he get those glasses?

she had just started to learn to ride
the yoga was coming on nice
and her own years?

seemed instead to drift
southerly across a steady Indian summer



1 Aug 14

ghosts don’t really live forever – by pd lyons


ghosts don’t really live forever

the going back to sort things out

pathetic delusional thinking

there is no back to go to

time is a path of matches

boot heels of my sorry self

strike each one with each step

only a smoke behind

only the potential fire ahead

that too illusion

eventually realize this to be true

one match at a time

appearing to appear beneath each heel

going no where






and that moment when

I know this to be so –

that’s the fucking fire man

the wonderful wonderful fire man





this way….

almost there

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