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Titanic, by pdlyons





Silent swimming cold
Tumblers of fresh water in a lost room

If I had found you instead?
We’d still be together

Unlike the brevity of death
Fucking forever




titanic belfast


April 14-15 2012 Part 2, by PD Lyons



April 14-15  2012 Part 2


Today he drove only to Marconi beach. P-town would have been too far. At the entrance a park warden was stopping cars. Now what? But the officer was very friendly wanted only to advise them that yes the beach was open and there was a controlled burn going on and no need to be afraid or call the fire department. And are you here for the Titanic memorial Ceremony? If so it’s over there. yes you can just  go to the beach. Its a beautiful day for it. Their drive had been uneventful, stopped for petrol and bottles of water just the other side of “suicide alley”. Yesterday he joined the child in the water off Race Point. It was cold it was fun it was the big giant ocean! The wife had time to read and snap a few photos of them turning purple. Today cooler, windy-er but they made it down the wooden steps out to an almost deserted shore knowing that as soon as base camp was established they’d spend time trying to duplicate the day before. The water was indeed freezing, colder that at Race Point yet they stayed in longer. Once she said to him “This is the most fun ever!” he knew he’d stay in with her until they froze to death or she gave in and wanted to get out. It was dark by the time they made it back to Sandwich. He decided to take them to the canal see the water by starlight, maybe a ship or two, lights drifting through the black. They got out of the Jeep just as a fishing boat put in. Lets go see what they got he said. The child agreed. So they walked over to the Annie Wilder. There were two men and a woman aboard. Hello. He explained how they wanted to know a little bit about fishing boats and how the nets worked. The younger of the two men explained a little. No it wasn’t a good day he said. Flounder he said. They showed them a tub full, neatly packed white belly up all looked the same size. There weren’t many tubs at all. Does she like fish he asked. Morgan never met a sea food she didn’t like he told them.  Just made some fillets. Would you like some? and he was away. I don’t have any cash he told the woman. Did you ask him to sell it to you? No. Wouldn’t have sold it to you even if you had he said. Here you go. Just wish us luck for tomorrow. There was about two pound of pure white medallions. The next morning the child made a picture on a black piece of paper, surrounded by silver ovals, silver flounders all around the Annie Wilder.

titanic belfast …and rust to rust (part 3)








“Costello Lodge”, located in Casla, Connemara, Co. Galway or “The Lodge” as it is effectionately known, forms part of DNG Maxwell Heaslip & Leonards first Summer auction of the year and is expected to attract huge interest due to both it’s keen price and it’s interesting and varied history. Amongst this impressive and vast property’s previous owners, is the infamous Mr Joseph Bruce Ismay, Chairman of the White Star Line, the company that owned RMS Titanic!


for sale

titanic, belfast. … and rust to rust (part2)


titanic belfast




the rectangle shape on the pole that lays across the cargo cranes would have been the entrance the lookouts took to climb up to their station.

Photos taken  at the titanic Belfast exhibits, original photo i believe are from Ballard’s exploration.

from sal yellow

April 14, 2012 (part one)

Marshland for breakfast, eggs flavour of cooking oil, on the side bland lumps the texture of hard cooked potatoes, cups of generously refilled brown water slightly hot. Maybe they sold the place? Been coming here since the 80’s and never so bad. Now its a real cant say it was good but cant say you didn’t get it cause it all was there and it looked exactly like it was supposed to. Back in Beacon Falls, back when Beacon Falls was still a town not cut off from the world by the new routing of the highway. Route eight used to go right through the centre, traffic lights pedestrians, shops, school buses and all. There was this place there used to serve Yuban coffee when Yuban was about two dollars more that any other can on the shelf – 100% Columbian when it meant something. It was good and made strong and people used to talk about it, tell other people about it and how you could get refill after refill. And the food? Good basic fare made as if they were going to eat it themselves. They also made chocolates there. I remember it was around Easter the last time I was there, all these baskets lined up under glass, all made of chocolate as if they were wove out of chocolate and rows of eggs, chocolate eggs with windows and you could look into little scenes of pink and yellow sugar activities. I was working with Joey then. We were on the road five days a week covering the state of Connecticut,  spraying trees for gypsy moths.
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