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whiskey ruff, draft by pd lyons

nights like these

too many in a row

fire dulled my senses

sought by spirits to refine


you come like the ghost your are

through no acquired taste

through no summoning spell

just the opposite

innocent? –  never that but  bystander none the less.

and you?

there are so many of you


years have no substance

distance no space

sometimes your name is lost

not your face

never a face

or a mouth

or an activity of sexuality

the things we did,  the why we parted


and you and you and you

never would i surrender any of you to the stupidity of guilt

treasures of a life time

still love

no matter what you’d think of me


Except in John Prine by PD Lyons from “Old Songs”



Except in John Prine

And if I had whiskey then I’d have a drink
And if I had money I’d get me some sleep
And if I still couldn’t sleep then at least I‘d be sittin’
In a place with some heat

And there’s nothing like a city to make you know you’re alone
Nothing like darkness for seein’ all the things you ain’t done

Guess I’m just a man who never growed up
Should’a known mama weren’t lyin’
But somehow I thought it’d work out just right
I was destined for fortune and fame

But now people go by with that look in their eye
And I find that I have to agree
Cause there’s nothing more mysterious
Than just how I turned out to be me

But maybe you been down yourself
Or maybe you heard a John Prine
There’s some song he does
Not sure anymore how it goes
But it’d make you not mind maybe smile some time
When you come across someone like me

And when all someone’s got is lonely
And for sure ain’t no ship comin’ in
It might be a stranger’s smile,
A kindness with out any strings

Means more than my own silly words
Or the comfort that some small change brings

And sure I thought it’d be different
But at my age there’s no way to hide
So whether you stare or smile,
your words are gentle or snide
I’m grateful for whatever you’ll spare

Notre dam Paris

Notre dame Paris

Today Is Tuesday ( sometimes in this writing life 2 )by pd lyons

Today Is Tuesday (Sometimes in writing Life 2)

have to cut back on the computer
it’s pretty bad
hours of my life a day sucked away
nothing done
neck aches wrist aches
contacts dry fall out of my eyes like pieces of glass

from now on check in once a week
cater to those fan-based minions
socialize with those multitudinous faces
post a plog upon the blogs
once a week
maybe Mondays

got dressed drove into town
picked up a case of Lebanese red
two bottles Tyrconnel
litre of un-oaked Chardonnay for cooking
stack of legal sized pads,
and a few pounds Italian coffee

Today is Tuesday
I have liberation to celebrate.




20th July decided to move to back ireland.

after a mad month of packing storing giving tons to the salvation army shop, giving tons to friends family, sorting out landlords and a million etc’s arrived in Dublin yesterday at 6pm.

had a few lovely pints and a drop of real Irish whiskey and a fantastic pub meal with family then a hot black tea with a slice of lemon cloves and a drop or two of real Irish whiskey to bed a slept with out a toss.

today woke up to one of the finest gems in the universe – a clear cool sunny Irish morning –

whirl wind reaped.

don’t cry for me Argentina.

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