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draped in white your invisible hands , poem and photography by pd lyons





went down by the house you used to live in

all the windows had the same curtains

the one where your bedroom was was open

for a moment

draped in white

your invisible hands




Learning To Be Friends With The Rain


c Mogan Lyons 2016

c Mogan Lyons 2016


if i put each of these days

end to end

how many times around the world

would they go?


no matter what


the only choice


living in the peace

so many would die for

i walk the dogs

 old growth

cross clear brooks

splash for drinks


sometimes this sense of failure

is all I’ll ever be

sometimes that loneliness

is all I’ll ever see


it’s the price for being true

it’s the cost of no surrender

the double helixed blessing

of being me


maybe tomorrow

the courage will come

all that ever was –



Spring Rises, poem & photographs

photographer unknown

(photographer unknown)

spring rises

a girl from the sea

silk through  barely open windows




And Unknown – poem by pd lyons

And Unknown


And Unknown

days grey through bare knuckled trees

sounds like snow slowing



small birds somehow silvering


as if they knew spring always returns for them



there are things I have no doubt of


there are things I know I know



window reflected my face


 the whole world behind me




Mozart Windows by PD Lyons



Mozart Windows

cool Irish summer

early enough

for dawn chorus




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