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she thought they would be safe, from Bella and Shirley by pd lyons


– she thought they would be safe.

told them that they were supporters, that her older son

was in their army.

sure they said and shoved her, sure then we’ll be gentle.

her youngest son they shot for coming to her aid.

they tied her to the bed post while they did things to her daughter.

then they shot the daughter to death as well.

when we found her she had torn her wrists bloody trying to get free.

She says:

These are not my hands

They do not belong to me.

These are the hands that did not save my children.

She begs us to chop them off

We have to always have someone with her otherwise she tears off the bandages with her teeth.


The woman would speak only in whispers and leaned into Tilkon

– Oh Tilkon said, ah she wants to give you something

meaning Shirley


The woman reached into a canvass bag she’d carried slung across her chest

fumbling, needed help

one of the younger girls who had been her watcher assisted


– are you sure? asked the girl

and the woman nodded

so she handed Shirley the news paper wrapped object.

– it is a shirt . the girl explained. it was for her son.

more whispers

– she thinks it will fit you said the girl,

she wants you to have it.

she made it for her son.

she says yours has too much blood.

Shirley opens the packages.

– thank you she says, thank you for this kindness. gives it to me to hold while she pulls off her bloodied old shirt and puts on the new denim blue carefully fastening each riveted button.


Before we can do anything else the woman, fumbles in the bag again

– Wait she says wait she says out loud in her own voice.

shes pulled out a photograph. rushes up to Shirley

– Here she says her this is my boy, my son, my only child. look

he is not like them

he is no animal

please if you see him

please do not kill him

please his mother loves him tell him

please he is a good boy he would never do such things she waves her arms

across the dead woman across the tied and dying naked man…


Shirley takes the photo

– yes i will remember him. i will promise.

shows me the photo as well

– yes i say, yes i too will promise.


– take the picture back. Shirley says. We will remember, we wont forget.

the woman smiles,

– I know she says . I know.

wipes the tears from her face with her bandaged wrists, turns away comforted by the young girl .



ruff notes w/ Turkish coffee, by pd lyons

So sometimes I am in this place of what I call incognito poet. Like even if you could or would want to follow me every minute of the day(s) nothing remotely  resembling writing of any kind goes on. Maybe email stuff or lately working a final edit on a collection but nothing else is going on. Certainly nothing poetical.

The days are fine, or not. The drink is occasional or more. The life goes twitchy tumble or smooth and fine a something silky with out the death or torture of a single worm.


it goes

sitting up with the 6 o clock coffee

another morning reminiscent of the one before

for no apparent reason

i get these lines in my head

a lonely lovers kinda of thing

four or five lines

by the time i think i should jot it down

you know its gone


well not quite all

there is a bit of a linger ~


your tears like stars found light in the dark


and I think yeah I can work with that


Turkish coffee


the morning owes me that

maybe later I find something to write on


but you know if you cave in to the muse

won’t she despise such boyish weakness

never chase any woman

even if you don’t end up arrested

you’ll be rejected







like stars find

light in the dark

nothing else





About Birth, by pd lyons


the first meeting

sky and earth

begot ice


the first meeting

sun and ice

begot the wordless woman


she alone with open mouth

barefoot of silence

taught the earth

all there ever was to know


Picture 146

Obsession, by pd lyons


in places he can’t get out of well
the woman leaves him
she doesn’t mean it to be that way
but neither does she concern herself about it
there was never any talk of her being kind to him.



Woman Shapes, by pd lyons from once we knew the darkness

with wings

with wings



Woman Shapes

dapple grey
helixed tree
any shadow of the moon.



i’m thinking, not.

How The Woman Alone Brought Rain To The Island, by pd lyons

How The Woman Alone Brought Rain To The Island


PD Lyons


What if the Rainbow Hunters

Reached down to her,

There in the crevice of fresh water.

Wouldn’t their grass wrapped hands

Protect her?

And the children,

What if they stood by her

In the crevice of clear water.

Couldn’t their songs disguise her?

What about the crazy ones?

What if they ran in mixed up circles around her

There by the crevice of fresh water.

Wouldn’t their waggling red hairs

Conceal her?

And the High Priest,

What if he were to return, fulfil the ancient legend,

Blessing her

There in the crevice of clear water.

Wouldn’t his centuries of prayers

Absolve her

From the wrath,

From the armed bow wrath.

From the arrow,

From the pinning arrow,

Of the warrior,

Of the sun.

from: Searches For Magic by PD Lyons, Belfast  Lapwing, 2001,

ISBN 1 898472 59 9


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