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Sometimes in this Writing Life

Critters fed

Bread in the oven

Kitchen cleaned

REM  And I Feel Fine : Best of the IRS Years through out the house

Shelly’s landed safely in Toronto

Dog sleeps in the sun

And so it goes…

pdlyons photography. Topsmead Litchfield Ct.

if you want to write – 2 cents from pd lyons

if you want to write


you don’t need to prep

you don’t need the latest gadget

you certainly don’t need to wait

you don’t need to even spell

what you need to do –


write more than you tv

write more than you worry

write more than you think

write more than you know –

and you don’t need to know much.

see no matter what you do

no matter what you live

no matter what your experience

its all material

its all educational

its all inspirational

if only you will –


then read.


Sometimes In This Writing Life ( Part: 3) by pd lyons

today is not the day for final readings

nor the day for the heart rendered into food for thoughts

no, not that or any other house work

not any mandatory thing at all


it is a day of something raw

something torn and warm

its own secret source of heat

pulled and pulling

my own



mix media pd lyons






what is true remains.

for me writing is something I do, sometimes I want to sometimes I don’t, but always I do. as if someday maybe all those written words sifted through, subtracted from ,will leave remaining some thing I don’t know, but want to find out – what’s left after I subtract all the words of a life time – that’s what I want from it. For what is true remains.


sometimes in this writting life

sometimes in this writing life

Obsession, by pd lyons


in places he can’t get out of well
the woman leaves him
she doesn’t mean it to be that way
but neither does she concern herself about it
there was never any talk of her being kind to him.



happy new year


not what breaks your heart,

but what hardens it –

this causes true harm – djanet tozeur

ever onward something goes









why we like thunder clap press magazine…..


tara hill

Thanks for coming back to us! I would like to take Clos Da Val if its still available?

On Wed, Mar 13, 2013 at 9:10 AM, p d lyons <pdlyonspoet@yahoo.co.uk> wrote:

Please consider the enclosed for publication. They are my own original work. Thank you for taking the time to read them. wishing you every sucsess with the Re Launch!
all the best
pd lyons




Send no more than THREE poems, ONE flash fiction piece or
THREE photos to thunderclap.mag@gmail.com.

Please include your poems or flash fiction in the body of the email or we will disregard the submission (this is for editing purposes).

Please have the poetry or flash fiction be no longer than 250 words.  We wll not be publishing lengthy poetry or long, narrated prose.

We will be showing something each Monday online with the intent on
having our favourite pieces be included in an annual anthology at the end of the year.


goodbye galway/ hello castlepollard


whose books are these i think i know…
yes will be moving house over the next few days. goodbye galway
hello castlepollard
… and there are boxes (and boxes) to go before i sleep.
Anita Loos
Anita Loos


so we have moved


so we have moved

we are now living in galway, over looking the bay. decided to move july 20. arrived here august 26. very busy time. finally feeling a little settled. spent the last few hours working on new book of poetry, “The Girlz”. hope to have a finished manuscript by weeks end. Have about two hundred pages to sort out, final edits, culls,order,format etc. and then the easy part – a publisher.



back to work on new book chipping away re edit bluez


“He repeated until his dying day that there was no one with more common sense, no stone cutter more obstinate, no manager more lucid or dangerous, than a poet.”
Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez


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