herbal 21.sept.

decanted another batch of st. johns. picked some more elderberries for making gifts for friends and family. still havent figured out what to do with the sloes. they arent ready to pick until the first hard frost which i hope is still a ways off. shelly is going to find a recipe for the rowan fruits so that will have some jam to go with my new bread making skills. as soon as we get a jug of vodka we can put up some hawthorn tincture.

tried to get some work done do in the village today but a sharp wind and bit of rain made it a no go.  spent some time at the church yard. visiting those that have gone on. thinking about the autumn of the year and of my own years.

nameless red rose

nameless red rose

back home round lunch time. sun broke through at about half two. hence the berry picking as well as cutting another rose from the just joey and some of the nameless red rose i got for two euros this past spring. so far it must have had two dozen flowers.

just joey and buddha

just joey and buddha

todays yoga music was silence, not the perfect kind, the real kind, you know the silence of wind blowing hedges against the house, dogs barking in the distance the occasional twitter of small birds, my own steady breath, the shadows moving with the afternoon sun and passing whispers of now white clouds.

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