Marshland Restaurant, by pd Lyons

ties that bind 3



Marshland Restaurant

just what I wanted
some place to remind me to home
because I was tired from walking the Atlantic
alone in the rain.
the potatoes had lumps,
string beans still had strings
and the coffee?

just as if I had re-heated it myself
left over from this morning





Once upon a time I was lucky enough to spend a few weeks in a little cape cod cottage across the street from the beach in East Sandwich – and totally alone! Late autumn storms, gales sung through the walls and lifted the ceiling panels. I had an old army field jacket and a good wool cap fit under the hood – so every day walked for miles then back to write – no tv no phone and on occasion drove into town to find company at the marshland. It was back in the day when Cape Cod  “closed” for the off season.

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